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Laptop Repair Service

We service all laptop makes and models, please call us on 0421 101 484 or fill out Book Online enquiry form.

DC Jack

A broken or loose DC Jack is a very common problem with laptops. we repair the jack by re-soldering or replacing the existing part.

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Laptop Keyboard Replacement

We replace faulty keyboard of laptops with an original keyboard or replacement keyboards.

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AC Power Adapter

We have a range of replacement AC adapter for all types of laptops.

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LCD Display Panel

We specialise in replacing faulty or broken LCD/LED screens with a genuine and hight quality lcd screens.

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Laptop data recovery

We do data recovery from the crashed OS, viral infection, data corrupted and problems related to various other issues with the laptops.

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Faulty Windows or Operating Systems

Is your laptops windows not booting, getting blue screen of death, no desktop icons showing up, error loading operating system? we can find the problem for you and make your laptop running again or we can recover your documents/pictures and do a clean windows installation

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